Trash Day

A very frustrated gamer is faced with a challenging task- taking out the trash. As our main character, Nate, a dramatic and sarcastic teenager argues with his mother over a si...
4 Stars

Run Time 0 hr 2 min 35 sec

Uploaded Sep 21,2020



Creepy but Incoherent

4.8 Stars

This film is incredible. They did a good job with not just putting a camera in front of the screen to film the footage of Super Contra (a nice reference) and the scripting sounded like the characters were really just having a conversation. My only complaint is that I'm still not sure what the point was. So the kid got locked out for a minute. Big deal. What was the screaming? why are the other characters acting so weird? How was the game playing itself? End credit scene needed...

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Excellent film

5 Stars

This film was well thought out. It is obvious that time was spent on preproduction because every aspect looks and sounds great! I like that you used lighting and sound ques to lead the viewer and your risk to not show the viewer everything on camera. I can see that you really tried to light and shoot this project like Deakins. Great Job!

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Great Execution

4.1 Stars

Great job with your film. Though you had a pretty strong story and script (I would have like to have seen the ending to be a little more conclusive and defined) you really did a great job of adhering to the prompt and lighting your film throughout. Playing with lights and darks as we were hoping everyone would. Your character standing in the hallway was perfectly lit. The only thing that took me out of your story was casting your mom character as a teenager. Keep making films. Great potential

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