Upon arriving home to his wife, an unsuspecting husband goes about his daily tasks oblivious to the fact that a masked killer has infiltrated his home.
4 Stars

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Uploaded Jun 26,2020



Suspense is King

4.5 Stars

Congratulations on job really well done. I loved how you took the prompt of mimicking Hitchcock and really hit it out of the park. Excellent camera movement and the transitions were great. I love how you took on The Rope challenge of Hitchcocks and pushed to do it in one move. This really increased the tension for the viewer. Great effort with the sound design. The only hang-ups that took me out of the film were the acting and the exposure at the door. Other than that, nice work.

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4.2 Stars

This is a great film! The use of the camera helped weave this story and made it believable. The filmmakers really thought out and planned the movements of the camera and actors to make this film film really work! the only two things that jumped out to watch out for is the wife, needs to hug or kiss husband to make it believable. also when the guy opens the door to get the dog, its way over exposed, use the iris to iris down when the door opens then back open when the door closes. nice work!

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Awesome One Take Film!

4.8 Stars

Hitchcock would be proud of the actor blocking to create suspense and the eventual climax. Often times the use of gimbals can feel very overly done. I felt the framing and proximity of all actors in camera made it feel intimate, but not too close. The sound design felt very professional and understated, but added to the action.

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