Bird Of Time

Another highly anticipated film from SashaWorx about a boy who goes to New York with his father.
2.4 Stars

Run Time 0 hr 31 min 14 sec

Uploaded Sep 04,2017

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Almost There

2.7 Stars

This story was almost something but the acting and poor cinematography made it difficult to watch. I can see the talent through all that though. I hope this kid keeps on making movies.

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Nicely done!

3.5 Stars

It's hard to believe that this kid is only 12. Although the cinematography isn't yet great, his storytelling skills are on display and would indicate a talent well beyond his years.

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A Young and Determined Filmmaker

1.8 Stars

It's hard to believe that a kid so young could even finish a project of this scale. There is some real depth to his choices already. I can't wait to see what he does in the future. The editing could have been a bit tighter, utilizing some J cuts or L cuts and some of the sequences went on too long. It takes a lot of time and planning to get all the locations they had. Sasha has some real determination.

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