A distraught and emotionally scrambled woman encounters a mysterious egg in her backyard late at night. She soon befriends it and grows to share a close bond with the egg duri...
4 Stars

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Uploaded Sep 21,2020



Deakins Meets Hitchcock

4.1 Stars

This team really understood and the prompt and developed a great story while simultaneously shooting it and paying attention to lighting and the prompt. The story is classic Hitch and it was executed really well. There are a couple of shots that weren't quite exposed right but overall it was fantastic!

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maybe the egg needed pepper

4.6 Stars

Wait, she killed the brother but then went back in to eat the egg boyfriend? Who eats cold eggs? I thought this was lit really well and I can tell you were trying to do as Deakins would. The sound design and cinematography was well thought out. Great job.

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Well Done!

4 Stars

You really created a great looking film. The opening shot of the film with the girl on the porch is beautiful and your whole film is well exposed. Great edit there at the end with the pan hit and hard cutting to the shovel. I really enjoyed your story. The story structure is really quite well designed and your actors really did a great job. You've really got potential as filmmakers. Keep making films. I really look forward to seeing your next film.

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