Death of a Mediocre Person

A woman wakes up in the middle of the woods without any memory as to why. She struggles to understand why nobody is helping her, as well as what's lurking behind her, only vis...
4.4 Stars

Run Time 0 hr 3 min 0 sec

Uploaded Oct 18,2020



Great Exposures!

3.8 Stars

This team did a great job in this challenge! The techniques and skill required to make this project is far beyond normal high school students. The exposures matched from setup to setup. The use of focal lengths to tell the story was spot on. The story was deeper than normal student projects and the directing was great. I'm shocked by the talent in this team.

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I really like it.

4 Stars

The cinematography is fantastic, editing is really good. The writing is really good. I thought the acting was pretty good. Not exactly the best acting but still holds up really good. Great film.

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Story Line

3.9 Stars

I really liked the way that you showed the story through the shots, even though there was no audio the shots helped to grasp the story and what was going on. Very well done!

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