A short film about how we use water every day.
3.1 Stars

Run Time 0 hr 6 min 52 sec

Uploaded Sep 04,2017

Kids & Fam...


Wow, that was really interesting!

2.8 Stars

Sasha just keeps making movies and he's getting better with each one. I loved the opening shot. It was motivated and interesting and really set up the whole show. Some of the scenes are just a touch long and could have been trimmed up a bit. but I really thought you nailed the ending. It gave me chills.

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Very Interesting

3.5 Stars

A day in the life of water. Believe it or not, the film is actually really interesting and goes places I wasn't expecting. It was creative while not being politically preachy. That's not something many can do nowadays.

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Looking Good

3.5 Stars

This young filmmaker just keeps making stuff. The best part is that his films just keep getting better. Keep an eye out for this team, they could go all the way.

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